nothing much....

so i know nobody reads this, so yay! haha theeeere we go. i can wrie things that i don't want people to read. i'm in love with wife. I'm almost positive......but damn my mother, for being stupid bitch and not letting there be movie fest on saturday night

Posted at 5/21/2004 12:16:32 pm by MiXiE
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i'm confused. i don't know whether the thing with mary jane and i is like an actual girlfriend-girlfriend thing, or whether it's like an ftf....i'd like it to be a real relationship....more and more so....alrighty bell rang more later

Posted at 3/30/2004 9:29:05 am by MiXiE
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spring break...

so i have a blogdrive too...surprise! but yea, my spring break isn't on here...it's on my real website....here...and if the post isn't up yet, just be patient. i may be suffering some technical difficulties.

Posted at 3/28/2004 2:00:15 pm by MiXiE
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god i'm a fuck up

why can't i do anything right? even the things i do at one point trying to preserve something come back and bite me on the ass when i'm already nice and down. and what else gets me? PEOPLE NOT SHOWING HOW THEY FEEL. HOW THE HELL AM I FUCKING SUPPOSED TO FIX THINGS IF YOU DON'T TELL ME THAT THINGS NEED FIXING. god i'm such a fucking fuck up. i hate myself. i really truly do. only thing i can do right is fuck up. i can't please my mother. i can't have a bf/gf cuz i'll say something wrong or do something wrong and FUCK IT UP. because i'm a fuck up.

Posted at 11/14/2003 10:49:29 pm by MiXiE
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hello all...idk what to write about...sooooo yea....school sucks...much traumas that i'm involved in via....XANGA!!! haha yep.....since i have no way to see people, xanga is medium of choice..haha

Posted at 9/10/2003 8:55:29 am by MiXiE
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smart mommie

i'm sorry blogdrive, i'm cheating on you. as much as i love you, as much as you give me, i'm going back with my true love, xanga. but every once in awhile i shall return. not much happening in my life....my mommy finally wisened up last night and asked me: is having girls sleep over the same as having boys sleepover? the answer: no, nothing would happen with a guy. what i told her: no....no. so i told her part of the truth at least...other than that, bus strike sucks, school sucks, but all this suckieness in life is outweighed by the good thing....the LORI MONSTER!!!


ps. riggs heart the lesbianism of the maxine, so i think he'll be an awesominity teacher....

Posted at 9/4/2003 9:02:54 am by MiXiE
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this ugh i say is at many things.....well...two...school and the goddam bus strike...let's start with the bus strike...the mixie can't go anywhere, and it SUCKS. yea she goes to school, and she goes home. and she has to scrounge for a ride home. thankfully, many people are sympathetic about the bus strike, so it's really no problem finding a ride. the problem is the lack of seeing girlfriend. this sucks the most....yes...major ass quantities of suckage....ok on to the school
why you ask? allow me to tell you. 1st, no seeing of the lori. 2nd, my classes SUCK. i must say that the top 3 classes, in order, are world hist (kai w/ the tight nani), english, and hon. chems. yes, i must say that gay riggs is quite cool....blowing up balloons, but the 30 minute lecture on pauahi today sucked and so does the massive amounts of homework. anyway, allow me to list interesting people in the classes: alg 2 - walter plunkett.....p.e. is good....lots of people...but it's p.e. so it sucks....anyway, hayn 3=MOKES UP THE ASS. such as: elisa. hulali. parker. christin tanigawa. sharlei. etc. yes, much suckness. moving on. world hist - kai tt nani....eeenteresting. even though mailei and hulali are in my class...das sucketh muchly....anyway, hon chems have a total of 5 1/2 smart people: mahe me makamae lisa some guy from 1st pd hon. bio= 5, and wilder = 1/2 the rest are stupid pussy people who didn't take honors bio...anyway, lunch is spent with the courtney, crystalle, chase, and the clarissa, with varying other people stopping by....then english with mahe and rainbow telling me WAAAAAAAAAY more than i want to know.....but yea....then FUCKEN STUDY HALL CUZ I'M ON FUCKIN AP WITH ALL THE GODDAM STUPID ASS MOKES. me and walter are the only two in the goddam class in alg 2....it's scary....and we have a stupid ass moke teacher who's a newbie so HE'S A FUCKIN DUMBASS WHO LIKES TO TAKE UP THE ENTIRE GODDAM CLASS SAYING WE HAVE TO FUCKING VALUE OUR EDUCATION AND GO BY THE GODDAM VALUES. yes and that was the first day and i had homework. i'd rather have ms. young. she likes me, AND SHE WOULDN'T ASSIGN US A GODDAM FUCKING ESSAY ABOUT OURSELVES FOR FUCKIN STUDY HALL
ok end rant. aaaaaaaand i have nothing more to say. why? because my entire life is school and lack of transportation.

I MISS YOU!!!! <3
meow ^_^

Posted at 8/27/2003 7:44:34 pm by MiXiE
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good week...

yes this week held some fun times.....mucho fun times-ness....start from saturday...cuz i feel like it.....lori left...spent time with mommy....sunday...beachness...nintendo in car.....monday...fun at bustops...long walks....tuesday....fun times with lori jay kama and ziggy....then we actually went inside of brians...played pool for a little while...then we all had to leave....then kama kinda stood me up for a ride home...which sucked...and i had to run across the street to catch the bus...and then the bus driver was all like surprised you made it.....shit....piss me off....grrr...anyway, happy subjects....wednesday was a long day....woke up at seven to go to mini reg....went, changed schedule (see below) started walking down, saw ms. ish, talked for awhile....kept walking down, saw ms. razz, talked for awhile, kept walking, saw fradale and mr. lai *oh no it's maxine run* hahahaha yes said hi.....meow...then when i got to the goddam bustop it was friggen 11:30 and on my way down zoom there goes a B! but then 5 minutes later there was another b so that was good, got to mckinley late, saw lori, kinda met all lori's friends...talked to michael for awhile..waited at the bus stop for school to finish....saw black dan....and that guy that talked to me and lori the first time we went to brians at the bus stop....yea...and then school finished and me and lori and khai and michael all went to boarders...me and lori went upstairs...read so u want to be a lesbian? yea and then michael and khai left to brians...and we ended up not going since we were both incredibly broke...so we went to chinatown and got fried rice with lori's mommies stash of cash for people to use if there's no food...yes..fun times...and sharon was asleep so there was a little bit of nintendo playing...but then she woke up...but i think it was cuz the tv was super ass loud...watever, such is life...but das still sucketh...yep....and then i came home and my mommy wouldn't let me talk on the phone...so it seems i must arrange something today....i shall post it on here and xanga....^_^


Posted at 8/21/2003 1:43:08 pm by MiXiE
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brians today! yes much enjoyment.....oh yes, kama/heather might come, depending on whether her stepmom says she can or not....sooooo yea....happy times...oh yea, and tomorrow lehua comes back so we're all gonna do something....so all you people in school do your homework so we can go out...yea...yes, that means you lori ;) ^_^ anyway, yea...good times...nooo! i don't wanna go back to school!!! i have awhile left it'd be cool if we could have like a mass sleepover at some point before school starts..which reminds me....i have to ask my mommy if lori can sleepover on saturday after ice palace ^_^ hmmmm i hope my mommy says yes....that would be quite nice....yess....anyway.....byenesss


Posted at 8/19/2003 1:11:35 pm by MiXiE
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yes, i really can make up my mind as to what i want my site to be called...promise....yep....anyway, fun times at beach, designation of straight and lesbianic action sides in kittie/dan's car....mucho attention on backseat through waikiki....fun times....


Posted at 8/18/2003 2:20:51 pm by MiXiE
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